In May of 1954, B.H. Jennings started the First State Bank of Farmington. In a time of economic struggle, Jennings believed that Farmington was in need of a locally-owned bank. He gathered investors and embarked on a journey creating the Farmington landmark we all know today as First State Community Bank. The journey has seen much success over the years and continues to succeed based on its core values: friendly service, quality financial products, outstanding employees and long-term return for our shareholders.


Originally named First State Bank of Farmington, the Finance Commission of Missouri approved the bank charter in November of 1953 with $100,000 of common stock. The bank's first board members were B.H. Jennings, H. Boxdorfer, C.A. Doubet, R.E. Adams, A.J. Butterfield, C.B. Denman and C.E. Rozier. Board meetings were originally held at Ozarks Café in downtown Farmington.


Grand Opening of First State Bank of Farmington.


Clarence Wade joined the board after R.E. Adams resigned. Wade served on the board until 1997.

1956 – 1979

Bank grew under the leadership of B.H. Jennings and his son, H.F. Jennings.


William H. "Bill" Cooper, who had served on the Board of Directors since 1964, purchased control of the bank and became Chairman. The same year, Jack Sebastian was appointed President of the bank.

1981 – 2003

The bank grew, adding 13 bank locations. FSCB also started offering insurance products through First State Insurance Agency as well as investment products through First State Financial Management (formerly Conservative Financial Services).


First State Community Bank celebrated 50 years of service by opening a newly remodeled location in downtown Farmington. The event occurred nearly 50 years to the day after the first Open House on Sunday, May 9, 1954.

2010 & Beyond

FSCB continues to acquire banks and growth in FSFM and FSIA is also demonstrated by new locations, new representatives, and continued success.

FSCB has proven its strength by becoming a well-known and well-respected organization within the communities it serves. Reaching $1 billion in assets in 2010, FSCB is now the largest banking organization headquartered in Southeast Missouri.